People call me Dustin. I'm 21. I love video games. I like anime. I am a dork. And I like to laugh. I love rock music. I'm like a book, you won't know until you open it and find out what the mystery is. I am open to the art and beauty of the female body. It's a beautiful thing. My blog is about things I like and stuff that interests me.
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So… this woman sexually assaults this guy, clearly. He’s begging, pleading, demanding she stop.

She doesn’t stop.

She grabs his hand and stuffs it in her crotch. He recoils.


Let that sink in… The fucking CAB DRIVER ended up getting arrested when the lawyer in question. Yeah… that’s right… SHE’S A FUCKING LAWYER… accused him of blackmailing her.

He was summarily arrested.

There was no proof he actually blackmailed her. None. The Police never even bothered to verify her claims. At all. They just straight up fucking arrested the CAB DRIVER and threw him in jail.

When it became apparent there was no proof of blackmail whatsoever, and the whole “She’s fucking sexually assaulting him on the fucking tape the police are holding in their hands” she managed to get charged with something.

What did she get charged with?

Simple assault. I shit you not.


I’m going to throw up now.

this is disgusting.

Wow, a woman is begging him to have sex with her basically and he keeps saying no. She won’t leave him alone but he got in trouble. Because a year later, she accused him of saying he will use the video against her if she doesn’t give him $60,000.00. What a bunch of bull. The police didn’t even investigate, they just took him to jail!